The co-polyester biodegradable plastic produced by Germany BASF Co., Ltd., under the trade name "Eco flex", is increasing its production capacity. Eastman Co., Ltd. manufactures copolyester biodegradable plastics under the trade name "Faster-Bio" and is used to make starch-based food trays. Its products are being developed and applied in the German market. Bayer, Germany, has developed BAK, a polyesteramide biodegradable plastic. Fortum has developed polylactic acid biodegradable plastics. CibaSpicialty has developed degradable plastics with biodegradable additives in general-purpose plastics and jointly developed polyolefin biodegradable plastics with Environmental Products of the United States. Millennium Plastics developed PVA-based degradable plastics under the trade name "Sol plax" and also acquired the Sol plax company in Ireland for industrial production in Europe.

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