2 Study found that the crushed area of ​​honeycomb paperboard can be used as indentation and bending line

How to solve the indentation and bending of the honeycomb paperboard? The research found that the damage form of the honeycomb paper core is not only the core dismantling of the paper, but also a form of destruction that is not noticed - crushing. Crushing refers to the form of damage caused by collapse of honeycomb cores due to loss of stability when the honeycomb core is pressurized. The crushing does not lead to opening of the honeycomb core edge, and the crushing of the honeycomb core is like a butterfly spring and has good tensile strength. The study on the crush zone of honeycomb paperboard reveals:

1) The crush zone can be bent at a larger angle without breaking, still having good strength;

2) The crushed zone can be bent repeatedly;

3) The crush zone can form well-defined indentation lines.

Therefore, after the honeycomb paperboard is crushed, an indentation line can be formed and can be used for bending.

Loss of pressure regulator

In the process of compressing the honeycomb paperboard, how to form a crush before the paper core expands and disengages the rubber? In the following, a solution is found through force analysis of a single honeycomb core.

As shown in Figure 3, when a single honeycomb core is subjected to a uniform load, it reaches the critical load pcr "2" for instability:

Where: pcr is the critical load; z is the elastic modulus of the honeycomb core; i is the moment of inertia of the honeycomb core; t is the thickness of the honeycomb core.

When the bending stiffness of the honeycomb core is relatively large, before the entire honeycomb core is destabilized, the edges are generally bent outward to cause the edges to open and collapse, as shown in FIG. 2 . If the rigidity of the honeycomb core is reduced or the honeycomb core is subjected to pressure due to the overturning moment and the bending occurs, the honeycomb core will be crushed due to bending when the pressure household is far smaller than the critical load, ie, the honeycomb core is opened at each edge. Before collapsing, it has already been squashed and the crushing line is shown by the dotted line in Fig. 3. This is the principle of depressurization. Therefore, it is possible to solve the crushing problem of honeycomb paperboard with the principle of out-of-regulation and further solve the problem of indentation and bending.

(to be continued)

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