A factory in Japan placed a small package of ferrous oxide into the package while installing another oxygen indicator pattern in the transparent lid. Once unsealed, the oxygen-deficient environment in the package is destroyed, and the ferrous oxide becomes iron oxide, and the graphic mark changes color.
New fiber seals. If the seal is affixed, the optical fiber will be in a wrong position if it is unsealed, and only the bright light can be used to identify the diffracted stripes of the light in the wrong position.
A company packaged the dye in a polymer microcapsule and added it to the adhesive (tape) used to seal the carton. When the tape is torn open or the box is opened, the capsule is ruptured and the fuel is scattered on the container, showing signs of being opened.
In view of the increasingly stringent requirements on the quality of goods and the diversification and complication of crimes on a worldwide scale, the voice of enhancing the technical quality of outer packaging to ensure the quality of goods, consumers' health and safety, and the interests of businesses has become increasingly strong. Drugs (OTCs) and other related products that can be sold without prescriptions must be changed to display tamper-evident packaging. For TEs that are currently on the shelves, such packaging does, to a large extent, not only contain relevant criminal cases, but also ensure people’s confidence in the quality of their products.
Due to children's own conditions, they cannot protect themselves with accurate judgment. Since the 1970s, accidental injuries caused by food and medicine have been on the rise. About tens of thousands of children around the world have been poisoned and even died of misuse of drugs. China is no exception. Such accidents have increased year by year. The reason is that children's curiosity and activity are strong, and adults are accidentally careless and neglected. The protective packaging technology component for children and the special group of consumers is rather special, so "children's safe packaging" also belongs to the category of "intelligent packaging."
“Children's safe packaging” is synonymous with special packaging for anti-poisoning. It is defined as a container containing dangerous goods such as medicines, household cleaners and pesticides. It cannot be opened by children under five but it cannot prevent adults from using it. Packaging of this nature comes in many forms, including bottles, buckets, bags, and blister packs. Due to child safety packaging, many children’s bodies are protected from harm and even death is avoided.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (Consu- mer Mercy Security Committee) has established safe packaging regulations for substances that have been recorded as being ingested in large numbers by children.
Statistics obtained by CPSC staff from about 400 U.S. Drug Control Centers show that children under 5 years of age are mistaken for aspirin, oral prescription drugs, methyl salicylate, turpentine oil, sulphuric acid, methanol, ethylene glycol, and acetamido. The number of controlled substances such as phenols decreased by 43% to 86% in 1982 compared to 1971. This data strongly suggests that the anti-poison packaging regulations have protected many young children from injury, apparently due to the use of children's protective packaging. Since children's safe packaging is more complicated and costly than ordinary packaging structures, it is entirely worth it to protect children's safety.
To research CR packaging on the market, the main structural features are as follows:
(1) Twist and twist cover This is a composite bottle cap, which is completed by two simultaneous actions of pressing and twisting. The inner cover of the press-plus-twist cap has an internal thread to match with the external thread of the bottle mouth, and an outer cover is packaged outside the inner cap. The outer edge of the outer cap has a plurality of protrusions, and the top of the inner cap has corresponding grooves and directions. Heart tongue. When pressing the bottle cap, the protrusions of the outer cover and the grooves and tongues of the inner cover can be fitted to each other, and then the outer cover can be rotated to drive the inner cover to be unscrewed from the bottle mouth. However, when the outer cover is simply rotated, the inner cover cannot be rotated except for the idling sound of the "squeaky," and the bottle cap cannot be opened. If there is a SELF-SEEKING MECHANISM between the inner and outer lids, the force required to open the lid can be reduced.
It is indeed a good idea to open the wrapper with a "press down and twist" compound action, which is usually not possible for children. But the key is to reduce the pressure required to fit the elderly. To this end, three deformable structures have been developed, two of which are based on the original torsion cover structure, which is slightly modified - the use of ancillary tools, such as coins or keys, can be easily opened or closed. Received quite good results.
(2) Open the lid This is also a popular child protection cap. When used, it is required to align the cap with the mark (arrow) on the bottle, and then open the cap by opening the lug of the cap at the flange of the bottle flange. There is a slight obstacle to the elderly.
The alignment of arrows and other signs is an intellectual act, and young children cannot do it. However, if the lug is too small or the flange is too large, it will be difficult for the old man to open it.
(3) Blister packs To prevent children from opening ordinary blister packs, it is necessary to tear the back side of the sticky paper from the corners, or force the contents out of the back (PRESS-THTOUGH PACKAGE, PTP). However, if the paper foil has a certain strength or the adhesive paper is firm, many older people cannot use it. The improved method is: the back of the paper is punched with a pinhole, and the paper is broken along the pinhole after being bent and pasted. This will both prevent children and facilitate the elderly.
(4) Labyrinth lid This is a form of packaging that is opened up by intellectual skills.
There is a lug on the inner wall of the outer lid, and the periphery of the bottle mouth is a labyrinth spiral. It requires adults to recognize and remember a series of movements before they can open the bottle cap. It is obviously impossible for children to master this series of actions. The labyrinth covers are available in single and double covers. In the former labyrinth, after passing through the labyrinth, the outer lid drives the inner lid to loosen or tighten it. The single-cover type bumps are one-way, that is, the bottle cap can only pass in the direction of the arrow, and cannot be reversed. (To be continued)

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